At Kahiyang Coffee, you come for a cup of coffee, and leave with a filled heart.

Our Story

Kahiyang Coffee was born from our love of people and coffee, coupled with a desire to make a change in the world. We saw coffee farmers from his community selling their precious harvest to collectors for less then 20,000 IRP ($1,50 USD) per kilo - which is nothing but a fair price. We knew he could help them, educate them to manipulate their amazing coffee differently - and therefore preserve all of its flavors and precious aromas. For us, that is the only way out for them - learn to make a better living out of what they are currently doing, and then make a decent living out of it. And this is exactly what we do at Kahiyang Coffee. Every so often, coffee farmers from around indonesia send us a batch of their latest harvest. We looks at it every time, smells it, tastes it, roasts it, tests it with his team, and then is able to identify where the problems are in the processing method, and let them know how to modify what they are doing with the harvested coffee so that they can sell to us (and other buyers!) for a better price. When you come to Kahiyang Coffee, you give back to coffee farmers in needs - and you also access a rare variety of coffees from around Indonesia. Talk with us about our passion - and don't be surprised if you find yourself behind the counter smelling a big bag full of coffee, or helping us with our fresh roast of the day.


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Best Coffee Shop in Ubud - such a passionate owner and staff who explained to us the entire process of roasting coffee, while we were just heading there for a simple sip. They go for the REAL DEAL - like the cold drip and cold brew (one takes 12 hours to brew and the other one is fermented for as many as 8-12h) resulting in a strong alcohol like taste. Incredibly good - never has such a close encounter with coffee.


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I have had many coffees all over the world, and this place is really a place that I did not want to miss.. Just outside the busy streets of Ubud, chill music, very nice owner, fanatastic view from the 2nd floor of green everywhere.. And most important: the best coffee!!

Femke K

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Came upon this treasure on a hike. Beautiful scenery. Friendly owner named Iwan. Tomorrow he invited us back to roast the days coffee with him. We will. Tried Coffee, Chai, cold pressed coffee. All perfect. Also had a fresh and moist carrot cake and excellent fruit salad. Come! Viva!


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